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What is this site anyway?

Well basically, its a way for me to organize and showcase things that I have created. I may also write about things I am currently working on and host useless files such as my resume here.

Latest Blog Posts

Desktop OpenGL on Raspberry Pi

Update 2/27/16:

Experimental OpenGL support is now included in NOOBS 1.7.0 and works much better than the work-arounds in my original post. To enable (assuming you have 1.7.0 installed) run raspi-config from the terminal, select Advanced Options, Gl Driver, Enable, and reboot. Thats all there is too it!

Original post below:

Raspberry Pi 2 Overclocking

I recently decided to overclock my Raspberry Pi 2 (running Raspian) to see what it could do. Before overclocking you should perform a full backup of the SD card just in case it gets corrupted following these instructions. This Linux on Flash blog post was helpful in determining stable settings to use. To benchmark the CPU I used a tool called sysbench.


This site was recently hit by a SQL injection exploit https://www.drupal.org/SA-CORE-2014-005. The attacker managed create a "drupaldev" user with admin access which was then used to upload the WSO 2.5 web shell (a backdoor). Just goes to show the importance of keeping your software up-to-date. Fortunately, it looks like they never got around to causing any real damage to the site and having configured restrictive file system permissions also helped.

Lessons learned:

Additional Work on Site

Well I decided to do things the correct way and created a new content type for demos. The page I just created yesterday has already been deleted. I am now using views instead to paginate the results. For the front page I now have a panel containing a view of the most recent 3 demos.  With the powerful token module and views rewritting I was able to foremat the output to my liking (minus a few style tweaks I will apply later).